Stacking Machines

WORSWICK manufacture various different types of ingot stacking machines for Al., Zn., Pb., Ag. ingots, slabs, sows etc. as follows.

The Lift Table Stacking Machine is designed to handle 5-15kg. Al.-Zn.-Mg. ingots at stacking speeds much higher than is possible with the Radial Arm stacker.  Stacking speeds of up to 2200 ingots/hour are possible, dependent on the number of ingots/layer required.


The standard design is suitable for building stacks of regular shaped ingots whose accumulated layer width is less than the overall length of the ingots.
A standard duty machine consists of essentially 2-conveyors at 90º to each other; the first conveyor being an ingot receiving conveyor with the selective ingot turnover unit and incorporating at its junction end with the second conveyor the lift table stacking unit.  The second conveyor is the stack storage conveyor and is of the walking beam type, this will remove the completed stacks from the stacking unit frame and store up to 5 completed stacks (longer versions are available). NOTE: Left or right hand layouts can be offered as well as a layout with both conveyors in line with each other.
Due to customer enthusiasm for the operating principle of our original Lift Table Stacker we developed a version suitable for stacking 15 to50kg. 'eared' ingot/pigs into either nested or non-nested cross-layered, traditional stack formations weighing 1.0 – 2.0t.




  lift table stacker
  lift table stacker-2
radial arm stacker
The Radial Arm Ingot Stacking machine can handle ingots between 450mm and 840mm long which can be either regular, eared, interlocking or 'T' shaped.  It forms layers with all ingots the same way or will alternate ingots turned over, or with a combination of these arrangements.  It can also alternate ingots end for end to achieve ingots interlocking when this is required. 
For forklift truck handling, it will position pairs of foot ingots, or leave voids in the stack.  Stacks can be built with alternate layers at 90 degrees or with all layers having ingots running parallel or a combination of these two.  The Radial Arm Stacker can be arranged to fit in with most existing plant layouts.  It can handle in excess of 1,000 ingots/hour depending on the number of ingots per layer and stack pattern required.

This model in the “Worswick” range of Ingot Stacking Equipment is perhaps the most versatile and fully automated stacking unit yet produced. It is suitable to receive ingots from either an inline or rotary casting machine and can be ‘customised’ to suit each individual application.  It can be arranged in various different configurations from inline to right angle systems.


The stacking machine consists of 3-separate elements:


(i) a chain type ingot receiving & accumulation conveyor having a selective ingot turnover device and if required, an ‘over/undersize’ ingot rejection mechanism.


(ii) an overhead gantry type - automatic stacking unit comprising a carriage mounted stacking grab.
(iii) a 6-position stack storage conveyor of either a twin chain, chain & slat or chain & stillage type, according to stack type.
The machine will build ‘single’ square stacks of nested - cross-layered ingots, on either pre-cast or wooden pallet bases, or regular foot ingots.  It will also build 2 of these stacks side by side on a common base, to form a ‘double stack’. Alternatively, the Stacker can be programmed to build ‘bonded’ type double stacks.
The stacking equipment has an output capacity of up to 1800 ingots/hour
Ingots can be stacked hot on wooden, steel or pre-cast pallet bases for removal from the stacking machine so that they may be allowed to cool before strapping.  Alternatively, they can be cooled prior to stacking by a WORSWICK cooling conveyor.






gantry A1384-1
gantry A1384-2
gantry A1384-3
slab stacker 1
zinc slab stacker 2
To compliment the WORSWICK range of stacking machines for regular shaped ingots, we developed specialised stackers dedicated to handling primary Zn. slab ingots which, together with our casting machines, enables a fully automated production facility to be offered.
2-models of the Zn. slab stacker are available, a ‘single head’ version, as shown, suitable for production rates of up to 500 slabs/hour – equivalent to 12.5 t/h of 25kg. slabs and a twin head version, also shown suitable for production rates of up to 1,000 slabs/hour – equivalent to 25 t/h of 25kg. slabs.
Both stackers are designed to operate with our own ingot casting machines, or alternatively can be installed (together with suitable custom designed interface equipment) to receive slabs from customers existing casting machines, casting conveyors and with or without our ingot/slab cooling conveyors.
Each model will handle traditionally shaped slabs and pedestal foot ingots and is controlled by a PLC unit which can be pre-programmed to build either all slab or combination slab/pedestal foot ingot stacks.  Any or all of the slabs can be automatically inverted to form monogram face up, or monogram face down layers.
Each model of Zn. slab stacker will consist of an ingot receiving conveyor fitted with a slab straightening/centering device and where appropriate – a slab turnover device; a pneumatically powered slab stacking unit and a stack storage conveyor to store up to 5 completed stacks (longer versions are available).
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss a particular stacking requirement.