Other Equipment

LEAD DROSS REMOVAL MACHINE  Besides our extensive range of casting equipment, we also manufacture a machine which automatically removes the dross from lead pots
Previously, removing dross from the lead surface was an arduous task, requiring two men, one of whom would rake the dross surface across the face of the lead through one aperture to the area in which the other worker would use a drossing spoon to lift the dross, allow it to drain and pivot the drossing spoon on a drossing horse to facilitate tipping the dross into a dross bin.  Due to the arduous physical nature of the job, back injury was a major risk of the occupation and also great care had to be taken as to the safety requirements of the workers whose close proximity to the lead needed to be carefully controlled.
With the WORSWICK drossing machine installed in conjunction with the customer arranging low speed rotation of the metal, all that is required of a man is a supervisory role, whereby the drossing machine is started and allowed to go through an adjustable timed cycle and, upon finishing the duration of drossing time pre-set, it sounds an alarm to summon attention to inspect the pot to see whether further drossing is required or, after a minute, the alarm stops and the drossing machine returns to the start position and awaits a further start instruction for the next drossing cycle.


For ease of access and also if necessary, interchangeability of drossing machines between various pots, the drossing machine is supported in a cantilevered fashion on a central pivot which not only allows rotation of the machine away from the vicinity of the pot, but allows the drossing machine to be lifted between two or mote separate stands so that for situations where there is not a great throughput of dross on each pot, it may be possible to move the drossing machine between pots.  This being easily accomplished by slinging the drossing machine from a crane via it’s three lifting eyes.
We have sold around 100 of these machines with many being repeat orders.
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