Ancilliary Equipment

Downstream handling equipment can be offered in addition to casting & stacking equipment as follows.


WORSWICK Ingot Cooling equipment receives ingots, via a pneumatically powered lowering table, from the casting machine and cools them to approx. 50 ºC.  We consider this unit essential to reduce the ingot temperature sufficiently to allow stacks to be strapped immediately after completion and is useful if it is intended that the ingots are to be hand stacked to avoid the risk of injury or burns to the men stacking the ingots.   The equipment is laid out horizontally can can be used in conjunction with either rotary of inline casting machines.
If there are space issues WORSWICK also offer a Vertical cooling conveyor.
A1382 horz cooling
semi-auto strapping 
Both semi-automatic & fully automatic strapping systems can be offered to suit customers requirements.
The strapping machine is fully integrated with the WORSWICK equipment ensuring smooth integration. 
A choice of etiher 'traditional' steel or plastic (polyester) type strapping are available.
WORSWICK stack weighing systems comprise shear beam loadcells (or a platform scale) mounted together by a stack support beam on either side of the stack  storage conveyor frame or  together with a weight processing/weight display terminal unit and a self adhesive label/tally roll printer, all mounted in a remote free standing console.  The systems can have a weighing capacity in excess of 1300kg with a displayed accuracy of 0.5kg in1000kg.  The weight terminal can have the facility for operator input from the keypad of ‘digital only’ cast number and metal specification number, which together with the time – date and consecutive stacknumber can be automatically printed out on a 70mm x 36mm self adhesive label at the completion of each stack weighing.
The weighing systems can be supplied 'approved for trade'.
weighing panel
ink jet marking 

Single or twin line information with character heights anywhere between 2.5 mm and 30 mm in height can be programmed to mark ingots or stacks with information to your requirements (12 characters of 10 mm height).